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Campaign Press Releases
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Campaign Press Releases

Press Release - January 6, 2000

The following is the text of remarks by Denise Giardina, Independent candidate for governor, in response to the efforts of the Democratic Party to limit access to the ballot and the vote in West Virginia
CHARLESTON, WV- Independent gubernatorial candidate Denise Giardina today expressed "great disappointment at the failure of Judge Herman Canady to recognize the unfairness of West Virginia's ballot access law."

State Ballot Access Restrictions Challenged - September 10, 1999

CHARLESTON, WV - Denise Giardina, who is seeking a spot on the ballot as an independent candidate for governor, has filed suit to challenge the state's ballot access procedures.

National And International Publications Feature Giardina Campaign - October 22, 1999

CHARLESTON, WV--Novelist Denise Giardina's Independent campaign for Governor of West Virginia is drawing national and international attention.

CHARLESTON, WV-On Thursday November 4 at 10:30 a.m. the Kanawha County Circuit Court will hear a "friendly lawsuit" filed by the Denise Giardina for Governor campaign, along with the Secretary of State's office.

Articles about Denise

Candidates take stance on mountaintop issue - November 5, 1999

Scorecard! Scorecard! You can't tell the gubernatorial candidates without a scorecard!

Election law changes source of dispute - November 4, 1999

The Democratic Party today asked Kanawha Circuit Judge Herman Canaday to prevent a third-party candidate from altering the state's voting laws.

Wise agrees to October event with Giardina, Myers, governor - August 30, 2000

Oct. 15 could be the only chance for voters to see all four gubernatorial candidates debate each other.

Myers and Giardina get opposite receptions from Underwood, Wise - September 7, 2000

CHARLESTON (AP) -- Third-party gubernatorial candidates Denise Giardina and Bob Myers won't be patching up their differences with Bob Wise anytime soon.

Lack of local ownership blamed for state's troubles - September 13, 2000

For Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Denise Giardina, most of West Virginia's problems, such as low education levels or meager job growth, are the effects of a more fundamental problem -- out-of-state land ownership.

West Virginia's Mountain (Party) Mama - September 13, 2000

West Virginia often seems like America's very own slice of Third World. A powerful clique of good-ole-boys rape the earth for natural resource wealth, while the masses contend with shabby schools and inadequate public services.


Articles by Denise

Giardina's run already a victory - September 26, 1999

I am an independent candidate for governor. In the Sept. 19 edition of the Sunday Gazette-Mail, Tom Rodd declared that a "darker quality" underlies my campaign, that it is "creepy" and "phony," that I am on a "power trip."

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